Monday, September 17, 2007

Why Muslims Are Eager To Spread Islam.

By: Maged Taman

Muslims since the early days of Islam were eager to spread Islam and did in fact spread it. For Muslims this is the reasoning:

1- Real Muslim first mission in life is to become a good Muslim and the second is to spread Islam. His third mission is to live a good life.

2- For Muslim the real life is the afterlife. The current life is a short and transient path to the real life. Thus religion and spreading religion for Muslim is the real deal. Every thing else is a distant second.

3- The hadith of Muhammad (PBUH): "to guide someone to Islam is better for you than all of this life and what it contains" speaks well about the mission of Islam.

4- Muslim's life revolves around his religion. When you live a moral Islamic life and you revolve around people they would be interested to know about Islam. Meanwhile you would like them to be like you.

5- Though a lot of good Christians and Jews are great people and share with us the common good, If we really love them we would love them to be Muslims. Since that is what God wants people to be after the last message of Islam.

6- For self interest, a good Muslim community would be the safest for a Muslim and his family. They will create a loving and caring community. It will clean the streets from gangs and drugs.

7- Geopolitically the oppression, injustices and poverty that Muslims are in will be contained when Muslims are in good positions in the world communities.

8- To overshadow the extremists who sees the world as a struggle between the good and evil.

9- To respond to the prophetic call that God will make Islam to prevail in the world in the last days, not by sword but by reason.

10- To prepare the earth to the great prophet Jesus (PBUH) who is to come in few years and live as a Muslim and judge people by the last message and law of God.

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