Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Prophet Muhammad the Last Messenger In The Bible


The eighth edition of the book, PROPHET MUHAMMAD THE LAST MESSENGER IN THE BIBLE, written by Kais Al-Kalby has been published. The book is written in seven parts and is 736 pages.
It has references in the English, Hebrew, and Arabic Bible, Torah, and the Qur'an showing the reference side by side. Includes maps, pictures, documents, and references.
Over a thousand people have converted to Islam upon reading this book. This is an academic book and is not meant to criticize any ethnic groups or religions or political parties and is being used in different colleges and universities. Follow up the life and mission of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) prophecies.
The parts include:
1) God, (Allah) the one and only Savior
2) World History before Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)
3) Prophecies of Prophet Muhammad
4) Prophet Muhammad the last Messenger in the Bible
5) Science in the Qur'an
6) Why they have chosen Islam?
7) General Information about Islam
For more information on this book, please visit the website or call (661) 872-7856.
To order the book, e-mail
The price of the book in the US is $25 and out of the US is $29.99 and is cashier's check or money order (both are including S&H).

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