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The inimitable Qur'an website is dedicated in educating the masses on the inimitability


The inimitable Qur'an website is dedicated in educating the masses on the inimitability and miraculousness of the Qur'anic discourse. Any argument that attempts to question the Qur'ans authorship is challenged by questioning and analysing its methodology, assumptions and 'evidences'.This site will argue that there can be no materialistic explanation for the miraculous nature of the Qur'anic discourse.The ChallengeThe Qur'an challenges humanity to attempt to match the reality of the Qur'anic text, the smallest chapter (surah) to be exact. In chapter 2 verse 23 the Qur'an states:"And if you are in doubt about which We have revealed to Our Servant then bring one chapter like it"In order to understand this challenge one must first understand the reality of the Qur'an. With regards to its language there are many features which render the Qur'an matchless, unique and miraculous. The main arguments with regards to its linguistic and literary superiority will be briefly explained below.The Main ArgumentsUnique Linguistic GenreThe Qur'an achieves a unique linguistic genre by unifying rhetorical and cohesive elements of language in every verse. Most Arabic texts simply use cohesive elements with some use of language that attempts to please or persuade (rhetoric). Any change to the Qur'anic structure ceases to sound like a Qur'an and removes its communicative effect.For a detailed discussion please click hereUnique Literary FormThe Qur'an is a literary form in its own right. It is can not fit into the forms of poetry, rhymed prose and prose. This is achieved by the unique combination of metrical and non-metrical composition, by not adhering to the rules of poetry and prose and by the use of literary devices that are unknown in Arabic prose. This is done within the scope of the classical Arabic grammar.For a detailed analysis please click hereRhetoric and EloquenceThe Qur'an can only be described as a 'sea of rhetoric'. It employs more rhetorical features than any other text.Please click here for more information on the Rhetorical devicesAlso, the Qur'an achieves an amazing accuracy of language with its choice of words and sentence structure (eloquence)Click here for more detailsHistorical ArgumentIt is a historical fact that the Arab linguists at the time of revelation (approximately 1500 years ago) were the greatest at appreciating Arabic literature. If the Arabs of the time were unable to challenge the Qur'an then what does this say about its authorship? Can it be the utterances of a human being?Please click here for examplesWhat Does this Mean?When questioning the authorship of the Qur'an in the context of the above arguments one must first understand who the Qur'an could have possible come from. There are a few options:1) An Arab2) A non-Arab3) Muhammad4) The CreatorThe Qur’an is matchless in its Arabic and beyond comparison amongst other literature. It defies sense for it to have been written by someone who could not understand Arabic. Think of a literary work in English e.g. Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein or Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre. Could one without English have been the author? Do the same for literature in other languages. Dante’s Divine Comedy, Cervantes’ Don Quixote, Tolstoy’s War and Peace, Aristophanes’ Clouds and so on. It would not be serious to claim that such work could be achieved without access to the language itself therefore the first option of a non-Arab authoring the Qur’an can be safely eliminated.If the Qur’an was authored by an Arab then the test of inimitability would not pose a real challenge just as it does not in other languages. Whatever one writes another can write a little in the same style but the challenge has been attempted by leading authorities in Arabic throughout history and has left all exhausted. Whenever an Arab attempts a passage trying to imitate the Qur'an's style and literary form he/she remains utterly elusive so we can safely state that the author of the Qur’an could not have been an Arab.Muhammad, for all his greatness, was still an Arab like his brethren. It is also a matter of fact that the Prophet Muhammad was never accused of authoring the Qur’an by his contemporaries, even those who sought his death and ruin. Furthermore the hadith (recorded narrations attributed to the Prophet) are in a totally different style to the Qur'an. How can any man speak with two distinct styles over a 23 year period?The only rational answer left is the Creator.Belief in a Creator is a pre-requisite please click here for more information* To be updated *
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