Saturday, February 23, 2008

Health Care Meltdown By Robert LeBow.

By Maged Taman

Two of the greatest people in America are Doctors Bob LeBow (God bless his soul) and Quentin young. They were the two Don Quixote who were fighting for health care for everyone in America. They have a great organization physicians for a National Health Program . The organization have many physicians who championed the cause of the less fortunate to improve their health and save their lives.

People overseas look at America as the most advanced country in Medicine which is true. However not everyone enjoy that. In fact there is about 48 millions Americans with no health insurance. There is a great discrepancy between the advancement in health care and its delivery. The latter is quite poor. The one who can get a delivery system to health care that matches our advances in medicine is the one who would solve the biggest problem in America.

When I was looking for answers to this disorganized health care, God answered my prayer and I found Taman Health Plan that takes care of all problems of health care. To my amazement I found out it takes care also of Medicare, Medicaid, Social security and the unsecured pensions of the American people. If I was a greedy person I could easily sold it to either of the two parties before the 2004 presidential election for 50 million dollars, it was a winner and they spent 2 billion dollars on that election. I would also have the fame and Nobel prize in economics. If I am greedy I can also do the same this election year of 2008.

I was hopping offering this plan to the American politicians in return they will help me to have a plan that restructure the Arab and Muslim world and free my people. I called it the plan of freedom and I still call it the same name. However the wind was very strong against my ambitions. However, I should not give up in hope.

Meanwhile, Muslims and Arabs have to depend greatly on their selves to liberate their countries. It would not be revolutions but very smart and intense politics that can turn most people against the tyrants and their regimes will crumble on itself. When we are united and strong we do not even need a revolution the tyrants would either give up power or they would feel that they have to give up power.

The best we can get from America is having them not to support these regimes and use the CIA and political resources to support and empower them like they did in the past. Meanwhile, Israel should not fear major restructure in the Arab world. One of their ministers was telling America that the road to Jerusalem to the Arab is through the fall of Cairo and most Arab capitals. The truth is the most hope of Israel is to have democratic countries in the Arab world that are willing to live peacefully with them. They should not bet on the loosing horse. Most secular regimes had Israel their game plan. Moderate Muslims accept and believe that it is God will to have them in the holy land before the second coming of Jesus (PBUH).

Going back to the American health and long term care I do not see any plan other than mine that is meaningfully and drastically will take care of all problems of health care and provide the Americans with secure health and long term care. It is God given plan. The Americans are the one who would decide if they are accepting God's hand or they will think they can change the world without his help.

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