Sunday, February 19, 2006

What Islam And Judaism have in Common?

Both two religions have many in common:
1- Both believe in the same God of Abraham and Israel.
2- Both are against any idols with God.
3- Their believe in God has no mystery. Plainly one God and prophets he send to us. No divine son. God can not be a man.
4- Ten commandments are the basis of both religions.
5- There are laws in both religions. But teachings of morality, justice and wisdom make people much less to need laws.
6- Spirituality is high in both religions.
7- Fear of God and considering ourselves servants to God are more used in both religions.
8- Secular, conservative and ultraconservative present in two religions. Like in Islam people have to work together to accommodate all of them.
9- Both religions do not believe in oppressing or discriminating any group of people. Humanity plays a great role in both religions.
10- They have same messiahs: Ben Joseph and Ben David.
11- Both religions admire the teachings and the love message of Christianity.

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