Sunday, February 19, 2006

Building Abrahamic Partnerships (DI-650)

Building Abrahamic Partnerships (DI-650)
Winter/Spring 2006

This eight-day intensive training program offers a practical foundation for mutual understanding and cooperation among Jews, Christians, and Muslims. Participants learn about the tenets and practices of the three faiths, study texts from their respective scriptures together, attend worship at a mosque, synagogue, and church, and acquire pastoral skills useful in interfaith ministry. Combining the academic and the experiential, the course includes ample time for socializing over meals and during breaks. Building on Hartford Seminary├é’s strengths as an interfaith, dialogical school of practical theology, this team-taught program is a resource for religious leaders who are grounded in their own traditions while open to the faith orientations of other communities.
Hartford Seminary 77 Sherman Street Hartford, CT 06105 860-509-9500

As I always states we are not mixing religions or making new religions but we need to:
1- Debate religions politely.
2- Forget about our geopolitical anger when we discuss religion.
3- No compulsion in religion.
4- However to convert to another religion you have to do it very logistically. Debate, doubt, criticize and if very convinced convert.
5- Muslim advise you to submit to Islam even with no faith to Islam as a very last resort since submitting even with a little faith and good deeds quite possibly win you the great eternity and save you from hell fire. Even if it is like a bet I would bet on the thing that if does not make me win does not make loose.
6- If people kept their religions we can at least live in understanding and have peaceful coexistence. As well we use the basic human values of our religions instead of religious animosity, hate and wars.

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