Thursday, December 17, 2009

..And sufficient is your Lord as a Guide... [25:31]


The Arabic word for guidance is hidayat from the root h-d-y which leads to the following meanings:

-To direct or guide to the way

-To direct aright

-To cause to take or follow the right way or course or direction

hadyun = A way, course, method, mode, or manner of acting, or conduct or proceeding or the like = conduct, mode of life, manners = a good way = a calm or placid deportment = calmness or placidity or deportment


The One Who directs to the right way

The One Who causes to take or follow the right course

The One Who guides to the right conduct, mode of life or manners of living or deportment


The one who is directed (by Allah) (to the right way, course, conduct, mode of life or manners of living or deportment)


A present; a thing given to others as a token of courtesy or honour

Huwa ala huda = "He is following a right direction or follows a right right direction"

Ihtada = "He became rightly directed, followed a right direction or went aright" = he continued to be rightly directed or to follow a right direction = he sought to be rightly directed or to follow a right direction


Al-Quran; the Guidance from Allah [72:13]

Allah has taken the responsibility to guide

Verily, it is upon us to guide [92:12]

And upon Allah is (the responsibility) to guide to the way...[16:9]

Allah guides those who turn to Him [13:27]

Our Lord is the One who granted everything its constitution / composition / existence and its guidance [20:50]

...There has surely come to them the Guidance from their Lord [53:23]

Surely, we have shown (man) the way...[76:3]

...He guides to the way [33:4]

Whoever holds fast to Allah will be guided to the straight path [3:101]

Allah's Guidance is The Guidance

Say (O Muhammad): "Allah's guidance is The Guidance" [2:120, 3:73, 6:71]

Allah's guidance is in the Quran

This (Quran) is a guidance...[45:11]. It is The Guidance [72:13]

Quran is a guidance that is meant to be for the whole mankind [2:185]

It becomes a beneficial guide only for those who believe in it [hudan warahmatunlilmu/mineena] [27:77,7:52, 41:44] and who (wish to) lead a goodly life (muhsineen) [31:3]

It guides the believers as well as gives them glad tidings for a better life in this world and the hereafter [Hudan wabushra lilmu/mineena] [27:2]

It guides to the mode of life of those who preserve themselves from the perils (of this life and the Hereafter) [hudan lilmuttaqeena] [2:2]

...It guides to The Truth and the Path that is straight, undeviating, even and balanced [46:30]

It guides to the Rectitude, the right way or the right course...[72:2]

it guides to the path of the Almighty, the Most Praiseworthy [34:6]

it guides to the path that is most stable and balanced [17:9]

Benefits of following Allah's Guidance

...When guidance comes to you from Me, anyone who would follow My guidance will never go stray nor will fall into misery [20:123]

...when guidance comes to you from Me, those who will follow My guidance, there shall come upon them no fear, nor shall they grieve [2:38]

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