Thursday, April 19, 2007

Militants urged to rethink Jihad concept


The Peninsula

Dr Yousuf Al Qaradawi

doha • Prominent Islamic scholar Dr Yousuf Al Qaradawi has called the militant groups in the Islamic world to re-examine their concept of 'Jihad' and open a dialogue with Muslims scholars.
He was speaking at a symposium organised by the National Human Rights Committee (NHRC) titled ‘human rights in Islam' on Monday at Doha Sheraton.
"There no justification for the suicide operation in Iraq where civilians are being killed, as Iraq has many developed weapon to fight the enemy. This was acceptable in Palestine in a certain time of period when the Palestinian people didn't have weapons to fight their enemies. Now, thank Allah, they do have some weapons and there is no much of that kind of operations," Qaradawi said answering a question from the audience.
Qaradawi condemned the bomb attacks which target innocent people.
"Right to life is the first and foremost human right upheld by Islam and in its view, no one has the right to take it. A person does not have the right to kill himself, not to say others, in the Islamic view," he said.
In Islam obligations come before the rights. "If you fulfil your obligations, this will protect the rights of others". "Parents' duty is to provide a decent life for their children which is their right," Qaradawi said.
He said in the western philosophy there is no red lines for human rights and anything has been a considered a right. What is the logic behind marriage between the same sex? The scholar recalled his experience three year ago when he visited London and was about to be sent out of the country because of his views on this issue.
Ali bin Simaikh Al Merri, NHRC Secretary-General was present at the symposium, among other dignitaries.

Blogger Comment:

Violence create counter violence and killing in Iraq is stupid and senseless. We have the right as Muslims to despise the American policies but I do not know what these killing of innocent people would achieve. I was the first to call for Sunna-Shia reconciliation form my website my small window to the world. We know America went to Iraq for the oil, Israel and the American Saudi King who is hiding his American passport under his pillow. No one will liberate us and take care of our people but us. That is why we need Muslim scholars to put their ideas together. Imagine today Imam Al Mahdi would rise who really would help him America, the Arab tyrants or the real sincere Muslim scholars that lead the nation. The Palestine Israel conflict have drained us of money efforts and helped our tyrants to distract us from taking care of the Muslims and spreading Islam. Some people in the world will fight to keep status quo of the world. However, they can not fight God. The strong and just God of Israel. When they were in Egypt oppressed and slave to the Egyptians God promised them their freedom and he kept his promise. You find a lot of Jews in America are very eager now to free the Muslims. A lot of Christians as well realized that the justice entails a drastic change of American policies.

That is what Muslim scholars need to do:

1- Forget about our egos or let us give our egos vacation. If we can not, let our egos be our religion, our freedom and dignified lives.
2- Let us stop fighting together as scholars.
3- Let the scholars who are supporting the Arab tyrants to think the day they will meet their God. God promised us our freedom as our messenger Muhammad (PBUH) told us and he keeps his promise. He promised Moses and he liberated the people of Israel. Drop the tyrants before Muslims drop you.
4- Inspire Muslims that we will be a great nation again the west like it or dislik it (God knows what is in their hearts).
5- Let cut a good deal with Israel and have permanent peace and not strategic peace like some people fear in Israel or like to see it happened in America.
6- Some people will use all tactics to block the Muslim scholars to take the lead in a real large scale and organized plan. Status quo is great for a lot of rich and corrupt in the world many of them are Muslims.
7- Let us avoid confrontation with the west. We have the right to criticize wrong policies and to praise good policies. Do not buy much of giving us our freedom the Americans themselves are not free to change their country. Most of the control of American politics and policies is in hands of big corporations. Americans themselves now are looking for their own freedom.
8- The president of Iran is a great man however he has to cool it down with the west. Their purpose is to make the Americans feel there is war against them, Muslims against Christians or Muslims against the west or the Antichrist (they try to present Imam Al Mahdi as the Antichrist) against Jesus (who will be crossified if to come to the world to day) . The fact is there are a lot of very rich people in politics, Business and religion corporate to maintain the status quo of the world. Any major attempt to have the world change to a just world will find the mouth pieces of the corrupt stand against that.
9- Actually some people in the Arab corrupt system would wish to have an attack in America so they will have more control on their people. Many in America now even started to doubt the 9/11 is an attack by Muslim extremists.
10- God does not change people until they change themselves. The difficult question of religion that we have the will or God has the will is answered already in the Quran. God was determined that the law of Gravity will be discovered by Newton he dropped to him an apple. Newton worked his brain to find the law that makes this apple fall down and God inspired him with the law. More amazing to us and beyond our grasp is how God knows the future or what we call it prophecies. We Muslims need to change if we are willing to achieve our prophecy and trust God.

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