Monday, March 05, 2007

The Dialogue Between The West and Islam.

By: Maged Taman

In order to have a dialogue between the west and Islam we have to have the spirit of understanding:
1- Muslims have suffered a lot for colonism in the old days and in the recent decades from the unjust American policies. President Bush was a good man in explaining how the west for stability and oil have allowed tyranny in this area. Read in my blogs "why Muslims and Arabs despise the American policies" and "the third structure".
2- Muslims carry a great burden of blame on themselves secondary to their actions.
3- Terrorism/Jihadi have a lot of sympathy in the Arab/Muslim world given the sufferings of Muslims/Arabs. However, people understand their tactics are fatal to them and their victims and prolong the agony of us all.
4- Muslims/Arabs should as leaders, intellectuals and even Jihadis to come with a new formula to our existence. We need a plan that secure our freedom and remove all injustices. The Arab kings and presidents have to take the lead they are the ones who created terrorism. The Arab league and Islamic conference should have a real productive conference. The west best role is to facilitate that and not to block it. Revolutions tend to turn deadly and peaceful revolutions can work as a push to major negotiations but would not work alone. Military coup ends by a new doctator regime that can last for years.
5- The Iraqi quagmire should be solved even if we to talk one on one with all factions involved.
6- Israel and Palestine struggle is due for resolution.
7- Iran has the right to have nuclear energy. However, it has to stop the rhetoric against Israel and declare the right of of existence of Israel.
As you see all of the above needs wow a lot of smart politics and diplomacy. It is very easy to make wars and very tough to make peace.

Tactics in doing politics:
1- To show force with no intimidation.
2- To make every side feel that you are in their side or right in the middle.
3- To make every side to feel he is a winner despite the fact that every one knows he has to make concessions
4- To make them know the seriousness of commitment.
5- To make the public force move in your direction.
6- To find the real peacemakers who really enjoy making peace and make them your players.
7- To believe there are roles but to every role there is exceptions.
8- To know that what gets people into wars most are confrontation and anger. So you do your best not to be confrontational and know how to suppress your anger or turn it into just policies.
9- To make them know the importance of your existence as a nation or a negotiator and that how every thing can collapse if you take off and leave them with bad outcomes.

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