Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Is The West Really Sincere About a Dialogue With Islam.

To make it quick and simple: I honestly do not know. The problem with international politics is there is no transparency. When the messiah will come there will be a different political system. Now in preparing for the messiah people are taking different directions. Why the west intentions of opening dialogue or on the substance of dialogue are questioned:
1- Their aims and purposes of dialogue may serve only their interests, or so far what appears to me.
2- They are not willing or liking to see a major structural changes they consider it a geopolitical suicide. One American politicians put it in a polite and funny way to express to people like me their feeling of pain of our situation but do not promise anything. They used to do it with the American people for problems that they can not solve it.
3- They are not keen about our interests. Same old, same old oil and Israel.
4- Global change in the financial and political systems may not suit the imperial corporations that control the world.
5- The strong Arab regimes who are allies in war on terror would not let the west pressure them for major changes. They know also with Iraq quagmire America would not touch one of them.
6- The Muslims ambitions to have a caliphate or even western like democratic Islamic countries is not feasible or interesting to them. They actually consider it threatening to them.
7- Some people believe that an Islamic caliphate will be the end of Israel. The reality is it will be the end of the struggle and the beginning of ever lasting peace.
8- Some Christians leaders in the right are waiting the rupture anytime and they are not interested in world politics except to see the rise of the Antichrist and then they will take off. Some of them are actually in high positions in the American government.
9- For all of the above the Arab tyrants feel secure. They do not know that God and not American is the one who control the history.

For us as Muslims we do not have an alternative except dialogue. Violence create violence, pacifism and giving up may not suit well with God or our obligation to our people. My hope was to find a mega plan that addresses all of the injustices in the Middle East and have new financial and political systems. It is like health care in America I could not see a lot of injustices and just shut up my mouth particularly now when I felt that God had give me great plans to the humanity. I did my part and I tried to get through the TV or other Americans avenues to open the dialogue and I was suppressed by the American Government. I tried to see a conference in Tehran to see how we can resolve the Iraq quagmire and the Iranians turned me down. I do not think I can sit with Jihadis or Arab tyrants both would not listen to me. Other people have to do their jobs and find how we can solve all of these problems in the Middle East particularly the intellectuals from all sides.

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