Sunday, August 06, 2006

Why The President Of Iran Got It Wrong?

By: Maged Taman

The president of Iran is a devout Muslim and he believes much in the coming of El Mahdi. He tries to run his countries on the concepts of humanity, justice and the common good. He is however missing the point that if there is Al Mahdi he would be very likely to be a political leader. He is very likely to prepare the earth for Jesus second coming. He is very likely to fill the earth with peace and not to destroy it. He is very likely to have all people regardless of thier religions to get rightous and good humans. For any leader to be that capable he has not to be agressive any nuclear war would end our world. He will work to prevent Armagdon and not to make it. He is very likely to be friendly to Israel like any other nation. If God to send Jesus today he would be in a jail somewhere in the world. Corruption, tyranny and oppression are widespread. We have to play very reasonable and responsible geopolitics. God is the one who makes prophecies not us. Many times people do good or bad things and they trurn to be a prophecy or an old vision. I like the enthusiasm of the Iran president but we have to understand that Islam can conquer the world with its message not its troops.

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