Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Why Muslims need a different Ben Ladin?

By: Maged Taman

A lot of Muslims/Arab and even foreigners understands well the compelling reasons for his terrible terrorist attacks of 9/11 (more recently it is being thought as an internal job). Even the American administration acknowledge that and talked about the hopelessness and severe oppression and poverty as causes for terrorism. They admitted as well their unconditioned and unjustified support to many of the Arab regimes.

The words are good but actions are what count for. As Muslims/Arabs we have always to keep open door that actions may come at sometime. As one Muslim politician Mawya said " If there is a thread of hair between me and the other people I would never cut it off". Ben Ladin may be still be a hero to many Muslims and Arabs. However, he did not attract the moderates who are the greatest bulk and the most able so less brave to move masses.

The animalistic styles of killing Muslims and non-Muslims and the failure to talk politics harmed well their cause. Though other alternatives are very difficult to do, like a revolution, though we have no alternatives but to do it. When the Arab streets are full of protestors America would have no alternative but to stand with the masses against the tyrants. Moderate Muslims are to be better organized and form a new front against all the terrorists/Jihadists, Arab dictators and American hypocrisy.

The problem is they think they can work through the American government. The trick is the American government main task is to fight the terrorists so they need the Arab tyrants for a number of years. Thus only revolutions, peaceful ones will drag America to support the masses even if they to hide the tyrants somewhere.

The main wealth of the Muslim is the oil which used to finance Iraqi-Iranian war, Gulf war one and the western economies and not used to invest in Arab and Muslim countries. The minister of the Saudi foreign affairs talked about the poverty saying the famous ward of Imam Ali " If the poverty was a man I would have killed him". I do not know why he did not kill him in the past 20 years when he was a minister and continues to do so.

The Arab and Muslim moderates would need to gather masses around them and use all resources particularly the media. They need a kind of a leader that can gather them. If there is no Mahdi they have to make one, say a geopolitical leader or a group of elite that best represent them.

They have to accept Israel as first goal. Let us close the theater that the Arab leaders hides behind. Thousands of Muslims killed in Sudan and no much talk in the media about them. They caused us to be desensitized to any problem but the Arab/Israel struggle. Religiously it is also their land and with the Palestinian they have to work things out. We need our main goals to get rid of the tyrants and create democratic prosperous societies enjoying the mainstream Islam which is very moderate. I do not care if the Muslim world will look like an Empire or as prosperous and loosely connected states. All I care is we get the best of Islam to the advantage of Muslims and non-Muslims.

We have to deal with America prudently even the Europeans do that. There are a lot of Christians and Jews all over the world that understand well our problems and ready to open the dialogue. Let us push them in the Arab media let us liberate America from the imperialism and selfishness to be a great moral world power. We have to win politically the major powers as China, EU and Russia. All powers in the world would appreciate a non hostile, moderate and civilized group of Islamic states that would adapt the humanistic cooperative approach to all problems with open dialogue, no secrecy or imperialism.

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