Saturday, April 26, 2008

God Plan To The End of Time.

By: Maged Taman

We are at the end of time, not because I said so but because it looks so:

1- The Jews are in the promised land as prophesied in the three major religions.

2- We are close to the beginning of the seventh millennium. God created the world in six days or periods (a day for God is a thousand year) and the week is seven days. The last millennium is predicted over the centuries to be that God's day to usher the return of the Messiah and God 's kingdom.

3- At end of time Muslims will be oppressed everywhere before the return of Christ according to the Islamic prophecies. It does not take a rocket scientist to be able to see that happening now.

4- Explosion of knowledge predicted by the Bible to take place at the end of time. You see that at this second I can write this article and people all around the world can read it in same time instantly.

5- The four horses of the book of revelation. You can see them now spreading all over the world. The rise of food prices is one of these horses. The rider of the white horse is thought by some Christians to be the Antichrist and by some Muslims to be Al Mahdi Al Muntazer.

God plan to the end of time is simple but miserable and we are the one to be blamed:

1- Jesus will come to usher the kingdom of God in earth.

2- He will not come in a corrupted world we have to clean our mess before he comes.

3- He will not beg us like his first coming to follow God commandments.

4- We to prepare the earth for him.

5- The corrupted political, financial and religious systems of the world (Mystery Babylon of the book of revelation) will fight to keep the status quo and the public will just watch as by standers like they did at the time of Jesus Crucifixion ( Muslims believe Jesus ascent to heaven at this time unclear if someone looked like him or it was a visual illusion to look crucified).

6- However God would demand his commandments and eradication of injustices and tyranny to take place before Jesus second coming. How would I know read the book of revelation. The time of tribulation is upon all of us if we would not change.

7- Could God plan change, yes as it happened with Jonah 's people. The question is due you think the people who are controlling the world and the elites would wear tough cloth and humble themselves to God and ask his mercy and forgiveness. Imagine a modern day Noah will come today as in the movie Evan Almighty and tell the people to ride the ship of God and save themselves of the flood what do you think they will do. In the movie they were laughing and mocking the modern day Noah actor Steve Carell. The director of the movie was a nice guy he let them in the ship as the flood started to flood them, actually no single one died in the movie. It was meant to be a comedy movie after all.

8- I am not a prophet, I am just another guy in the web. It is just happened that I am more observational than a lot of people. I warn myself and all of us of God's wrath that is coming over our heads.

9- If we are smart is to know what would shorten the tribulation and trial period that will precede the Kingdom of God. God plan is to call us to submit to him whenever he will send us a prophet and in the end of time he promised us if we end transgression and establish ever lasting righteousness he will help us against Satan to end wars and establish one nation, one religion and one government that Jesus will be its king.

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