Sunday, September 03, 2006

Zaman International: Conference of Al Mahdi.

Committee Letter In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

“And We desired to bestow a favor upon those who were deemed weak in the land, and to make them the Imams, and to make them the heirs. And to grant them power in the land.” (28:5-6)
Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatollah,If we look at the world today, we observe that oppression and injustice have escalated to unprecedented levels. There is no sign indicating a change in this dreadful course. However, as all divine religions and great intellectuals have foretold us, the reappearance of the universal savior is drawing closer day by day. The reappearance of Imam Al-Mahdi, the 12th Imam of Ahlul-Bayt, is inevitable, and according to many signs, it may be imminent.
As the Holy Qur’an and the copious traditions of Ahlul-Bayt have expressed, we must make the effort to know the Imam of our time. We must become familiar with him, for we will be asked about him in the grave and on the Day of Judgment. Our answer will determine our final destination.
How much do you know about your Imam? Do you know enough about your leader to claim you are his follower? What can you expect from your leader, and what does your leader expect from you? Why did he disappear in the first place and when will he reemerge? What do other religions say about him? The answers to these questions and many others are crucial to one’s success in this life and in the afterlife.
In order to establish a closer relationship with our master Imam Al-Mahdi, we humbly present the “While We Wait” conference. The purpose of this conference is to understand Islam from a new, unique and complete perspective. It aims to create an educational and interactive environment in which our primary responsibilities are outlined and discussed. As the time for the reappearance of the awaited savior, Imam Al-Mahdi, draws closer, how have we been preparing? The conference serves to provide the opportunity for a higher level of learning taught from the window of Imam Al-Mahdi—a new and unique window that will portray the amazing beauty of Islam and extract its hidden treasures.
“While We Wait” is the perfect place to start from scratch and compensate for all those years we have abandoned our responsibilities towards Imam Al-Mahdi. It is an opportunity to make up for our shortcomings with our leader. Furthermore, it serves to assist us in determining what our priorities are, how we can cope with living in the west, and how to remain steadfast in the face of modern challenges.
Participating in this event, which will be set around the date of Imam Al-Mahdi’s joyful birth, is the first step towards demonstrating support for the Imam. World renowned speakers will impart their knowledge and expertise. The conference will have numerous workshops and breakout sessions so you can share your thoughts and ask questions that help you understand the concept of the savior better, and understand Islam in greater depth. Do not miss out on this exciting event that will celebrate the birth of the universal savior who will revive the earth by filling it with justice and equity, after it has been filled with injustice and oppression. Save the Date……“While We Wait”
WassalamConference Committee

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